My Natural Hair Journey

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Every naturalista has one: a Natural Hair Journey, and this is mine.

Since I’ve had hair on my head since before I was born (that’s kinda gross to think about, actually), my hair journey is a long one. Either that, or I’m extremely long winded… Actually, that one is more likely the case.

Either way, I’ve broken it down into four sections to make it easier to digest. Click each link to read about a different chapter of my journey.

My Natural Hair Journey (Split into chapters):

Part 1 – Child with the Fro

In this post, I begin my natural hair journey, starting basically from the moment I was born. You get to see how much hair I had as a child (It was a lot), and where I got it from.

Part 2 – A Teen and a Flat Iron

I first began to flat iron my hair when I was a teen. And let’s be honest, I loved it. In this post, I share my relationship with having straight hair.

Compare it to this post, where I blew out and flat-ironed my healthy curls for the first time since going natural.

Part 3 – The Creamy Crack

The dreaded creamy crack. I feel fortunate that my mother refused to let me chemically relax my hair until I was in my late teens.

In this post, you’ll see my short (but sweet at the time) journey with relaxed hair.

Part 4 – Embracing Natural

And last but not least. The stage that I’m still at now. Embracing my natural hair. Read about what caused me to go natural, and see my first ever twist out!

Enjoy your reading, and feel free to share highlights from your journey in the comments!

~Comfy Girl with Curls


Angelous Putnam June 16, 2023 - 10:21 am

I need to get the hair color which is almost gone but still a pretty good bit it’s auburn looking but I have always been a blonde and done the blonde myself I need help getting the auburn out completely without stripping it at the salon

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