5 Blog-Related Tasks for when you aren’t in the Mood to Create New Content

by ComfyGirlWithCurls

If you aren’t motivated to create new content, but still want to do work that is productive and relevant to the growth of your blog, this post is for you.

If you’re a beginner blogger, stop and check out my section on Blogging Basics, starting with the first post.

Times are weird. All across the board, I think we can agree on that. With the pandemic, some people have taken the opportunity to step onto the no-sleep, gotta hustle and build my brand, train. Others firmly believe this is a time to rest (if you are fortunate enough to do so), and that it’s not worth pushing ourselves to produce more content, or come up with a new business venture.

I lean more towards the second group. While yes, some of us have more time on our hands, that doesn’t mean we are going to (or have to) be more productive. Depending on your circumstance, you may technically have more time on your hands, but you also may have more distractions. You may be home with your family, unable to get a moment of privacy. You may now be your child’s teacher on top of keeping up with your day job. Or maybe the gravity of what is going on in the world is weighing so heavy on your shoulders that you feel unmotivated.

So all things considered, we don’t have to be pumping out a bunch of new content at a higher rate. Yes consistency is key to having a successful blog. But if you feel like you’re pulling teeth to create new blog posts, you’re not going to be that successful in the long run. You’re going burn out.

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So. Below, I’m going to share things you can do if you still want to do productive work towards the growth of your blog, but maybe don’t have the heart to actually create content. Some of these points focus on social media (which help direct traffic back towards your blog), and some have to do with your blog itself!

Note, this isn’t a long term strategy, just something to help pull you through a slump!

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1. Re-purpose Past Social Media and Blog Content

Anytime I’m short on new content, but want to keep up with my online presence, I look to my past posts on social media and my blog. This might not work if you are super thorough with cross-promotion, but personally speaking, when I post to Instagram, I don’t usually post the same content to every other platform at the same time.

So there’s an opportunity there.

Every few weeks (or whenever I’m feeling uninspired), I’ll open up Hootesuite (a social media scheduling app) and schedule to Twitter all the pictures I posted on Instagram. To make my life easy, I’ll even use the same captions I used on Instagram, making them more succinct when necessary to fit within the character count.

(In case you’re wondering, I don’t use the “post to Twitter” function when I post on Instagram, because it doesn’t share the image, just the link… And people on Twitter don’t usually click through.)

In addition to sharing Instagram pictures on Twitter, here are some other ideas for re-using existing content:

  • Post your Instagram pictures (and captions) on Facebook
  • Post your Instagram pictures on Pinterest (Tailwind can help you schedule these)
  • If you’re on Tiktok, download the videos and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!
  • Not on Tiktok yet? I definitely recommend you get started. Take some videos you shared on Instagram, shorten them, and share them on the app!
  • Bonus: Pull the key takeaways from a blog post, and share it in an Instagram Caption, Facebook Post, or Twitter thread
Black Girl Blogger Working on her laptop. Being Productive towards growth.

2. Share Blog Posts on Facebook Groups

Yes, I know Facebook is pretty low on the social media priority list right now. Yes, I know their algorithm is a mess.

BUT… I still get decent traffic hits from Facebook Groups. Find groups within your niche, and become an engaged part of the community. Share your content there, but make sure you read the group rules, and also give more than you take. Don’t dump your link and run. Make sure you’re adding value to the community.

Facebook Group Tip: Ask a question when sharing your link. This prompts engagement in the comment section, and helps boost your post towards the top of the group.

3. Design new Pinterest pins for old posts

The beauty of Pinterest is that you have a never-ending opportunity to breathe life into old blog posts.

No matter how old a blog post is, you can design a new Pinterest pin, schedule it, and get a brand new chance to reach a massive audience.

Whenever I’m feeling stuck with blogging I open up Canva and design a batch of new graphics for existing blog posts. Sometimes I’ll experiment a brand new design, sometimes I’ll look at at what’s been working, and try to replicate it.

While you’re at it, do an entire Pinterest refresh and audit. Use this post as a guide!

Pinterest Pin Tip: Not sure where to start when it comes to graphic design? Canva has a TON of fantastic Pinterest Pin templates.

4. Refresh Old Blog Posts

Every day is a good day to refresh older blog posts! Anytime I’m feeling a bit sluggish on new content, I try to strategically go back through old posts, and refresh them if possible!

4a. Update with new information

Everyday we discover new relevant information, and cool fun facts. Take the time to comb through your evergreen blog posts (the ones that are always relevant) and update them. This keeps your content from looking dated, or worse, sharing information that is no longer correct.

Blog Post Refresh Tip: Make sure you check any outbound links these posts might have. You don’t want to point to a dead website.

4b. Audit for SEO

If you’re like me, you likely have a bunch of blog posts on your site with no real direction. Or maybe, you thought you wrote a really great, hyper-targeted blog post, but no one is finding it on Google. It’s time to figure out where the problem is by doing an audit.

Whatever the reason, we don’t want any deadweight on our site.

Make sure you have a focused keyword/keyphrase (and that it isn’t too competitive for you).

Personally, I use Keysearch and the Yoast Plug in to make this happen.

Keysearch has been a fantastic key word tool. It helps me:

  • Figure out how competitive a keyword (or keyphrase) is.
  • Find related keywords (so if the one I’m trying to rank for is too competitive, I can find an alternative).
  • Find the keyword gaps between myself and my “competitors”.
  • Analyze my content, and recommends words and phrases I should include in my content to help it rank!
  • And honestly so much more.

If you have Wordpress, I would hope you have the Yoast Plug in. It allows you to type in the focus keyphrase you are hoping to rank for, analyzes your content, and provides recommendations to improve SEO and readability. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Add internal and outbound links
  • Have relevant alt attributes on your images
  • Add focus keyword to subheadings
  • Bulk up lean content (Search Engine’s like a nice long blog post. They assume it’s going to be more informative than a short post).
  • And many more!

By doing an audit with these tools, you’re giving your content it’s best chance to get in front of the people who are searching for it!

5. Brainstorm future ideas.

Just because you aren’t in the mood to create new content this very moment, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same next week.

Do future you a favour and start brainstorming future ideas. I usually do this by typing a topic in the keyword search bar of Keysearch and saving my favourite terms to a list. That way, when I’m ready to write again, I can pull up a topic and run with it.

I’ll also peruse Pinterest, Google, and Social Media to get blog post topic inspiration. Sometimes I’ll start a draft in Wordpress, jot down the topic in the title and a few notes in the body, and save it for later.

Sometimes if I’m stuck, I’ll read other blogs for inspiration, (don’t copy or steal content though!). Need some new bloggers to follow? Check out this list of 30 Black Canadian Content Creators.

Bonus: If all else fails? Take a REAL BREAK from creating content.

Okay, if you’ve tried every possible blog-adjacent task, and you just really aren’t feeling it, I think it’s time to check in with yourself more seriously.

Ask yourself why you’re stuck. One of the things that has come up for me is that sometimes feels shallow to be creating content when the world is in such utter chaos. Other times, I’ve just taken on too much, and I need a real breather. And sometimes, I really was just being lazy, and I needed to kick myself a little harder to get my butt in gear.

Pause, listen to yourself, then proceed. It’ll benefit the growth of your blog in the long run.

So all in all, I hope this post helped you get a bit un-stuck. Something to note is that every activity on this list should probably be done anyways. Regardless of whether or not you are actively creating new content.

All the above tasks are valid and productive work that will help you grow your blog, so if you weren’t doing any of these things, maybe plan to carve out some time to do them! Incorporate them into your schedule, even if it’s on a bi-monthly basis!

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brittshedhappens July 17, 2020 - 8:03 am

I have been getting better on the Pinterest front and really seeing the positive impact from going through and creating additional pins. With Pinterest prioritizing new content, this is a great way to keep your account fresh and active. I’ve also recently redone a couple different posts for SEO reasons as I continue to learn more about the topic.


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