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List of Canadian Black-Owned Etsy Shops | Part 2

by Kaya Marriott

You all loved the list of 9 Canadian, Black Owned Etsy Shops, so as I discovered more shops,I knew I needed to assemble a part 2. I’m also planning on doing a series of Black Etsy shops by category, so if you have any faves, drop them in the comments.

This list includes Etsy shops from all sorts of categories: Fashion, Home Decor, Bath and Body products, and even Pet items!

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*Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, if you click on them and make a purchase, I will make a small commission.*

14 More Canadian Black-Owned Etsy Shops:

1. BatiquaGifts

BatiquaGifts is a Vancouver-based fairtrade gifts store, full of beautiful textiles for your home. Here you’ll find hand made patterned table mats, runners, and pillow cases.

Left to right: Table Runner, Pillow Covers, Blue Place Mat, Yellow African Table Mats

2. Omi Woods

Omi Woods has an absolutely stunning collection of ethically, hand made jewelry. The designs are contemporary, and gorgeous, and celebrate connections to Africa and the diaspora.

You can read more about them, and their metals here (definitely worth your time to check out).

Left to right: THE QUEENDOM Coin Necklace Stack, THE BAMBOO Pearl Earrings, THE COWRIE Infinity Necklace

3. Pearl Low

In Pearl Low’s small but powerful Etsy shop, she has a comic book called TENSION. This story themes of race, self-love, and acceptance. She also has a scrunch that is not just functional, but ties into the themes of her book.

Left to right: Tension (Picture 1 & 2), The Scrunchie

4. BaskArts

BaskArts is a place to find home decor basketry and art. A wide selection of unique items for your space. These sustainable products help support small Zimbabwean artisans.

Left to right: Tonga/Binga Basket Bowl, Wooden Meerkat, Fridge Magnets, Tonga/Binga Wall Basket

5. Kasoma Designs

Another Vancouver-based shop, so this one’s close to home, and therefore my heart! This Etsy shop has an assortment of unique fashion you’ll want to get your hands on! Many of these stunning pieces are African-inspired.

Left to Right: Red and Black Cardigan with fringe sleeves, Green Dashiki Black Panther Style, Fuzzy Soft Pink Hooded Lined Stylish Jacket

6. M&K Creative Designs

M&K Creative designs has a variety of fun, Afro-centric graphics, printed on an array of products. A great selection of notebooks, mugs, coasters and more. Perfect if you’re looking for a gift, or just want to treat yourself to some items that exude #BlackGirlMagic.

Left to right: Black Woman Notebook, Black Girl Magic Bag, Set of 4 Glass Coasters, Black Queen Mug.

7. Zoba Martin Shop

Zoba Martin Shop is a Toronto dress-maker who has also begun making stylish masks. Her dresses are long, and sweeping, and together with the masks, will make you feel down-right luxurious.

Left to Right: Bridal Robe, Luxury Fashion Masks (Picture 2 & 3)

8. Meow Bark Shop

I am so excited to have found a Black, Canadian-owned pet-focused Etsy shop! The Meow Bark Shop has super fun handmade pet accessories for really cool pups (and cats!).

Left to right: The Winston Bow Tie and Collar Set, Monstera Print Bandana, Monstera Print Bow Tie

9. H2T Body

H2T (or Head to Toe Luxury) is a Black owned Etsy shop providing you with a variety of handmade luxury soaps, butters, and balms.

Left to right: Honey Soap, Shaving Bar, Small Body Butters

10. Ateliers FranglaisE

If you’re looking for a stylish place to find some handmade masks, look no further. This Black owned Etsy shop has quite the selection!

Left to right: Green Olokun Mask, Orange Kente Mask, Red Rose Mask

11. Anaya Arts Shop

Anaya Arts Shop shares minimalist afrocentric art. At this shop you can by these gorgeous art pieces printed on t-shirts, as well as wall-art.

Left to right: Africa – Art print, See-Hear-Speak No Evil t-shirt, Show Stoppa – Art Print

12. Nhyira Gems

Nhyira Gems is a growing Etsy shop. It has a selection West Africa-Inspired jewelry and accessories.

Right to left: Ankara Hoop Earrings, Ankara Studs, Handmade Ankara Clutch

13. ElanaCamilleCreates

Elana is a super kind human I connected with on social media, and I definitely recommend checking her out. She is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, and sells gorgeous prints, and digital art downloads on her Etsy page. (For a full assortment though, make sure you check out her website).

Right to left: Printable, Digital Download, C’est la Vie Art Print, City Girl Coral – Fashion Print

14. AZEBoutique

AZEBoutique has “a little bit of everything”. This Canadian Black-Owned Etsy shop has Afrocentric, Nerdy and Personalized Earrings, and quite a few #BlackGirlMagic items!

Left to right: Galaxy earrings, Black Girl Magic Earring, Seashell Earrings

And that’s all folks! Make sure you add yourself to the ComfyGirlCurls email list, and follow on social media. I’ll be doing more posts celebrating Black Businesses and Creatives. This isn’t just a trendy thing. This is an always thing.

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Matilda May 16, 2023 - 11:17 pm

Thank you for sharing Kaya! ☺️ I should try H2T body products someday~~

Kash B August 24, 2021 - 6:45 pm

My favourite kind of posts!

Black Canadian Owned:

aPlannerLifeStickers August 12, 2021 - 8:00 pm

If you like planner stickers, my store could use a boost and some support at . Thanks!

Kaks June 14, 2020 - 4:39 am

Please add us. We are black owned from canada on etsy! We sell Ghanamade handmade waist beads. Reign Free Africa.

AZEBoutique June 10, 2020 - 7:32 pm

Thanks for posting my shop, looks like I have a huge shopping list to get to this weekend! So many awesome sellers 😍


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