Collage of Black Canadian Influencers/ Black Canadian Bloggers, Youtubers and Content Creators

30 Black Canadian Content Creators to Follow

by Kaya Marriott

This post is something I’ve wanted to put together for a long time. It’s a celebration of Black Canadian content creators. I searched high and low for Black Canadian YouTubers, Bloggers, and Instagram Influencers to come up with this list, and it is by no means exhaustive.

Because this list got a little on the long side, I already have a Part 2 in the works, which will include some Black Booktubers and bloggers. So make sure you’re following me on social, and are subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss it!

1/18/22 UPDATE: We now have a MASSIVE directory of Black Canadian Content Creators, made up of 300+ influencers. Go check it out.

The goal of this content creator list:

In creating a list of Black Canadian creators, I hope to do three things:

  1. Help Black Canadians find influencers that speak to them.
  2. Help fellow content creators find (and/or broaden) their community, so that we can support one another.
  3. Help potential PR/marketing teams find and connect with Black Canadian creators to work with.

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Now, on to the list…

Black Canadian Content Creators you need to go follow right now

I’ve divided the content creators up into categories to make it a bit easier to sort through, and have linked their main platforms beneath their photos. If you don’t have the time to check out each person’s links, I definitely recommend bookmarking this for later! They are all worth checking out, and you never know who’s content will inspire you until you see it.

(This entire list is alphabetical, not ranked in any way. It’s a mix of larger influencers, micro influencers, and those just starting out.)

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle:

The truth is that most bloggers and YouTubers do a little bit of everything. Therefore, I’m lumping beauty, fashion, and lifestyle together because the below Black Canadian content creators focus on one or all of these three.

And if you’re interested in the beauty, fashion lifestyle sphere, make sure to check out this list of Black Canadian Etsy Shops.

0. Me (Comfy Girl Curls)

Okay, you’re already here, so you may very well be following me already… but I still didn’t want to miss the opportunity to plug myself. I create Natural Hair, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle content, and was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.

P.S. I recently launched a YouTube Channel, so make sure you go subscribe!

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1. Annastasia Liu

Annastasia Liu, (Simply Stasia) is a Toronto-based Natural Hair, beauty, and lifestyle content creator. She’s consistently showcasing new styles, and she’s definitely an inspiration to be more creative with your Natural Hair Journey.

Canadian, Toronto-based, Natural Hair Blogger - Annastasia Liu (Simply Stasia

Instagram:@_simplystasia | YouTube | Blog

2. Auneetuh

Auneetuh is a Winnipeg resident creating style, beauty, lifestyle, and travel content for us all to enjoy. Her feed is fashionable and stunning, and her travel shots around Canada have me really wanting to better-explore our country!

Auneetuh (Anita Aloys) is a Black Content Creator/ Influencer from Winnipeg, Canada. Fashion, travel, beauty, and lifestyle.

Instagram: @auneetuh | YouTube | Blog

3. Camille Anwuli

Camille is an incredibly dope content creator, posting to both Instagram and Youtube. Her fashion sense is amazing, and I dare you to try to find someone who can rival her sneaker collection. She also has a sweet tooth for Squish Candies.. just like I do. (Hey Squish… sponsor us please?!)

Black Canadian Content Creator and Youtuber Camille Anwuli.

Instagram: @camilleanwulii | YouTube

4. Darling Tee

Tania Cascilla of Darling Tee is a Canadian fashion and lifestyle blogger living in New York City. If you’re looking for a an account to follow with an impeccable aesthethic, and non-stop fashion inspiration. Her entire profile is one big vision-board.

Instagram: @darling_tee | Blog

5. DEE and FAM

Keep up with Dee and her absolutely adorable family! Dee has content for everyone. In the beauty department, she shares updates on her loc journey, as well as natural hair care styling for her two little girls. If that’s not your thing, you have general home, lifestyle, and wellness content too! I’ve especially taken to watching her “Motivation Monday” videos.

Dee and Fam is a Black YouTuber chronicling her loc journey, natural hair care styling for her two little girls, and general lifestyle.

Instagram: @b_dee4 | YouTube | Blog

6. Exotik Roots

Exotik Roots is primarily a Natural Hair content creator, but she also has some fantastic beauty and lifestyle content. If you’re looking for non-stop popping curls, and a good dose of beautiful lipstick colour inspo, she’s your girl.

Exotik Roots is a Canadian Natural Hair Influencer.

Instagram: @exotik_roots | YouTube

7. HeyitsCandicia

Candicia is a Canadian curly hair & beauty influencer who also blogs about lifestyle topics. On top of that, she is also the founder of Toronto Curly Girl Meetup™️, which is “an event where the natural, curly hair community of the GTA can come together, learn, and have fun”.

Candicia of HeyitsCandicia is a Canadian curly hair and beauty influencer & blogger. Also the creator of the Toronto Curly Girl Meetup.

Instagram: @heyitscandicia | YouTube | Blog

8. Ife Iranloye

Ife is a Vancouver-based content creator with an incredibly stunning feed. She is fashion-forward, and well-traveled. Another feed that makes you think “Wow, I want that life!”.

Ife Iranloye of @iife_i is a Vancouver-based Black Fashion Content Creator/ influencer.


9. Jenn Jackson

Jenn is a Natural Hair Influencer who is consistently pumping out fantastic content. Her protective styles are particularly bomb. (She posts twice a week on Youtube, so you’re never short on inspiration.)

Jenn Jackson (its_jennj on Instagram) is another Natural Hair influencer/ YouTuber.

Instagram: @its_jennj | YouTube


Kerriisms is “Toronto-Born, Brooklyn-raised, West Indian-bred”. She has incredibly well-rounded content from beauty and fashion looks, to book reviews, to just straight up good life advice.

Black Toronto Blogger - Kerriisms is "Toronto-Born, Brooklyn raised, West Indian-bred".

Instagram: @kerriisms | YouTube | Blog

11. Khyra Joelle

Khyra is a type 4 Natural Hair content creator, who also shares content on minimalist beauty and health. If you’re ever looking for some gorgeous texture shots to inspire you, this is where you should go!

Khyra Joelle is a type 4 Natural Hair Content Creator who also talks minimalist beauty and health.


Instagram: @khyrajoelle | YouTube

12. Kyra Milan

Kyra Milan is a little Naturalista located in B.C., who can do hair way better than I ever could. Check her out and find adorable (and insightful) reviews, and hair style inspiration that will look cute on kids and adults!

Kyra Milan is a little Naturalista. Kid Youtuber and Content Creator.

Instagram: @kyra_milan | YouTube

13. Kouture Kitten

Kristina Adapaah of Kouture Kitten is based out of Ottawa, Ontario. Check out her Instagram, and can you say AESTHETIC? By following her, you’ll get all your bases covered: faith, motherhood, beauty, fashion, travel, the works!

Kristina Adapaah of Kouture Kitten is based out of Ottawa, Ontario. Black Toronto (Canadian) Blogger & Content Creator.

Instagram: @kristinadapaah | YouTube | Blog

14. MsCatrin

Catherine of MsCatrin is a Toronto-based, Natural Hair, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She has absolutely fantastic tutorials and reviews, and has just done the big chop on her long and luscious locks. I’m so excited to see where her Natural Hair Journey takes her next!

MsCatrin (Catherine) is a Black Toronto-based, Natural Hair, Beauty, and lifestyle blogger.

Instagram: @mscatrin | YouTube

15. My Spiced Life

My Spiced Life is a lifestyle blog run by Jennifer. She shares great posts on beauty, travel, and her beautiful baby! A must-check-out for any mommas out there.

My Spiced life is a Black Lifestyle blog run by Jennifer.

Instagram: @myspicedlife | Blog

16. Natural Canadian Girl

Natural Canadian Girl is a YouTuber chronicling her Natural Hair Journey with inspo, tutorials, and product reviews. I actually think she was one of the first Canadian Natural Hair influencers I ever followed!

Natural Canadian Girl is a Canada-based Natural Hair YouTuber.

Instagram: @naturalcanadiangirl | YouTube

17. Natural Shanna

Shanna is a Toronto-based Youtuber sharing natural hair styles, and serving looks. Her travel pictures are also the perfect escapism/inspo!

Natural Shanna is a Black, Toronto-based Youtuber.

Instagram: @natural.shanna | YouTube

18. NKNaturalz

My girl NKNaturalz is killing it. From her natural hair tutorials and reviews, to her beauty looks, I’m always excited to see her latest content.

NKNaturalz Black Canadian Natural Hair Influencer/Youtuber.

Instagram: @nknaturalz | YouTube

19. Rachel Savaunnah

The beautiful Rachel is always glowing. On top of being a complete sweetheart, she is out here serving us non-stop beauty and fashion looks.

Rachel Savaunnah, Black Canadian Influencer

Instagram: @rachelsavaunnah | YouTube

20. Sarah Eke

Sarah is a Black Vancouver (woot woot!) fashion blogger. I love her sense of style and her relatable content (and captions!). If you’re looking for an influencer that you can really connect and engage with, check her out!

Sarah Eke is a Black, Vancouver-based fashion blogger!

Instagram: @saraheke_ | Blog

21. Style Domination

Dominique is based in Ottawa, and runs a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog where she shares how she “domi-fies” her look! She also has fantastic tips for maintaining healthy relaxed hair!

Dominique Baker, Black Canadian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. (Style Domination)

Instagram: @dominique.baker | YouTube | Blog

22. The Curl Expert

Zermarla is a professional hairstylist & content creator, so if you’re natural, you definitely want to make sure you’re following her. On top of sharing pictures of her healthy curls, she drops knowledge and hair-care tips regularly!

Zermarla the curl expert is an black Canadian Natural Hair content creator/influencer.

Instagram: @thecurlexpert

23. Toni Olaoye

Toni Olaoye creates both fashion and beauty content that you won’t want to miss. Her Youtube content is especially bomb. When I check out her page, I think yes, that girl is an influencer-influencer. Legit-legit.

Toni Olaoye, Black Canadian Beauty influencer (Youtuber).

Instagram: @toniolaoye1 | YouTube

24. Whits

Whitney is a Calgary blogger with a gorgeous feed. She is also an Athletic Therapist, and the statement “strong is beautiful” in her Instagram bio really captures both a mental and physical motto!

Whits (Whitney) is Black blogger/ content creator from Calgary.

Instagram: @whits | Blog

Food, Travel, Culture:

Food, Travel, and Culture tend to go hand in hand when it comes to blogging. While the bloggers above sometimes incorporate a couple of these niches, the below have one (or all) as their main focus.

25. Eden the Foodie

Eden the Foodie is a food writer, consultant, and homecook. She is also the Founder of BLACK FOODIE™, which looks at “Food & Culture through a black lens”.

Eden the Foodie is a food writer, consultant, and homecook. She is also the Founder of BLACK FOODIE™

Instagram: @edenthefoodie | Website

26. Melanin Adventures

Melanin Adventures focuses primarily on travel and yes, adventures. But this blog also has some great great posts dedicated to positive living, and general lifestyle! If you ask me, that’s a great balance, because most of us aren’t here travelling 24/7. We have to learn how to be happy with the life between the grand adventures.

Instagram: @melaninadventures | Blog

27. Nite Views

Ellie Knight of Nite Views is a Toronto food and restaurant critic, also blogging about her travels. You’ll definitely want to catch her Miami Carnival posts. I am in LOVE.

Ellie Knight | Nite Views, Black Toronto Food & Restaurant Critic, and blogger.

Instagram: @niteviews_blog | Blog

Other Black Canadian Content Creators:

These ladies are in a category all of their own. They are breaking down barriers, and some are building their own niches.

28. HerCastleGirls

Carcia & Telly Campbell are two sisters from Mississauga, Ontario. They also vlog and do music covers on YouTube

Carcia & Telly Campbell are two sisters from Mississauga, Ontario

Instagram: @hercastlegirls | Youtube | Blog

29. Queen Success by Rochelle

Rochelle is a Success Coach, helping moms and women everywhere “#ReclaimHerQueen”. She has a training program available on her website, and offers fantastic motivational content on her Instagram.

Rochelle is a Success Coach, helping moms and women everywhere "#ReclaimHerQueen"

Instagram: @queensuccesscoach | Website

30. Yvonne Ben

Yvonne is an advocate for Black businesses and runs a website called The Kscope, who’s slogan is: “Experience Africa, locally“.

Yvonne is an advocate for Black businesses and runs a website called The Kscope, who's slogan is: "Experience Africa, locally".

Instagram: @yvonne_ben | Website (The Kscope)

So what do you think? Do you follow any of the above Black influencers or content creators? Have a favourite you want me to keep in mind for the next post?

Comment below and SHARE this post to help spread the word about these amazing Black Canadian content creators!

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30 Black Canadian Content Creators to Follow

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Gaelle Lubin September 7, 2021 - 8:29 am

I been looking for more Canadian girls to watch since I feel so disconnected as a content creator myself on YouTube so this post was super needed to helping me finding more people who near me so thank you so much

ComfyGirlWithCurls October 9, 2021 - 12:33 pm

This makes me so happy! I’m glad this post came in handy! Just subscribed to you over on YT! Best of luck on your content creation journey!

Jordon Mclilly August 9, 2021 - 7:42 am

Thanks.. great post!

Mod Style Bar August 3, 2021 - 2:56 am

Every person is Beautiful Whatever color, gender or nationality you are. You are beautiful and you know it. In this world, We are all fair and equal. This is so amazing with these beautiful ladies. Keep the good work Comfy Girl Curls.

Crown & Melanin (@crownandmelanin) March 10, 2020 - 6:34 pm

Toni’s beauty tutorials are great. This is a good list!

ComfyGirlWithCurls March 10, 2020 - 8:58 pm

Thank you much for taking the time to read it!

Cath February 19, 2020 - 7:55 pm

Thank you so much for the feature!! I am honoured that you included me in your post. This was a such great idea!! Can’t wait for Part 2!!

ComfyGirlWithCurls February 20, 2020 - 7:56 am

Genuinely my pleasure!!! There is so much talent out there, I honestly have a names for part 2 AND 3.

Kerri February 19, 2020 - 3:34 pm

Loveeee this! Such an honor to be featured among these amazing women. Ladies, you all are doing great work! 🇨🇦✨🙌🏾

ComfyGirlWithCurls February 20, 2020 - 7:55 am

Love this so much, and you are so right! So much amazing is being done !!

Dee February 19, 2020 - 1:29 pm

First of all, it’s such an honour to be included in this post! Thank you so much!!! Second, congratulations on the feature ladies! You all deserve this! Now time to binge everyone’s content 😁

ComfyGirlWithCurls February 20, 2020 - 7:54 am

Yesss now there are SO many people to follow! Believe it or not… I have TWO other blog posts worth of names lined up for parts 2 and 3!


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