TildaKimono Robes Plaid + Sequined

TildaKimono Robes – Cozy + Flashy

by Kaya Marriott

I know exactly what you have been thinking: it’s been far too long since you’ve seen a TildaKimono post.

Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that, but the truth is, this post is about a year late.

Actually. If we’re being honest. I’m posting this as a direct response to something I tweeted a month and a bit ago:

But I figured, it’s never too late, so here we go! Two more TildaKimono looks for you:

This look was originally New Years Eve inspired–I mean, look at all that sparkle–it’s perfect! But we know that a good sequinned outfit can be rocked all year-round.

(I may have made that up, but just LOOK AT IT. Who’s going to stop you?)

Sequinned Tilda Kimono Robe on Black Canadian Natural Hair Blogger

This next look made me fall in love with the colour red. I absolutely love the versatility of these robes–how tying them up gives them a new look.

Red and Black Plaid TildaKimono Tied Up. Worn by Black Canadian Blogger

As always, you can find TildaKimono’s creations on Etsy
And keep up with her looks and aesthetics on Instagram (@TildaKimono)

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