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You Need These Co-ord Outfits for your Next Vacation

by Kaya Marriott

On hot vacations, I usually like to wear two things: a crop top and short combo, or a bikini. Anything else is too much clothing. On my recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, thanks to TildaKimono’s matching two piece sets (co-ords), I got to relax in exactly that.

(Check out Tilda’s Etsy page HERE).

Hopefully by now, you know how much I love the outfits my friend Tilda makes. And you may also now that I’m particularly fond of her co-ord outfits. She also has a style that is unisex, and is a great festival look for men.

So when Tilda presented me with the opportunity to get a bunch of crop top and short sets to rock all Summer long, I’m pretty sure I squealed.

The Crop Top and Shorts Co Ord Sets I Wore on Vacation:

As hard as I tried to take pictures of ALL the sets I owned, it was impossible to squish them into our four day vacation (even with multiple outfit changes per day). But still, I think I gave it a fair shot, and my husband patiently played photographer all the way through.

What are Co-Ord Outfits?

I feel like I had to drop this nugget in, because it’s a term that is actually new to me. For the most part, I’ve found that North America refers to these outfits as “matching sets”. On the other hand, the UK/Europe, more often refers to them as “Co-Ords” (short for Coordinates) which is essentially any type of matching top and bottom). Co-ords can range from more formal blouses and skirts, to the more summery, vacation fashion Tilda Kimono offers: Crop tops and matching shorts.

Since I’m feeling fancy, I’m using the term Co-Ord in this post.

So, where can I get my hands on more summer Co Ords like these?

Make sure you pop on over to Tilda Kimono’s Etsy Shop to see what she currently has on sale. She mixes it up with the seasons, and there’s always something new to tempt you. Trust me. Personally, I’m unable to resist.

And of course, check out her Instagram, for the latest styles.

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Melissa Erial November 4, 2019 - 1:12 pm

I love these pieces, especially the polka dot one. Looks like you had a great summer vacation.


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