Black to red Ombre Box Braids

Red Ombre Box Braids | Protective Style for Natural Hair

by Kaya Marriott

I had been wanting to rock red ombre box braids for EVER. And I’m so glad I finally sucked it up and did it. I went for a more dark red/bugundy shade instead of bright red; it seemed a bit more natural to me, and like less of a shock to my work place.

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Before this, I had experimented with green ombre box braids and purple to grey/lilac braids. Check them out, and let me know which protective style colour is your favourite so far!

This time around, I ordered my braiding hair on Amazon. The selection was a lot smaller than on AliExpress, but the shipping was a lot faster. Especially with Amazon Prime.

Similar to my green braids, I loved how the black to burgundy braids were relatively subtle.

From the front, they just looked black. You could only see the pop of colour if I turned around, or if I pulled some of the hair to the front.

Though this was a bit of a bummer in some ways, because when I went to Mexico, my braids were behind me for most of the pictures, so you couldn’t really see how cool my braids were.

Most of my Mexico pictures are like the one on the left. Where if I was a true Influencer, they’d probably all look like the one on the right. As you can see I have no idea how to work my angles.

(PS. I’m definitely wearing Tilda Kimono Sets in these pictures.)

That being said, I did get a lot of selfies in. I took these right after installation.

(Did I mention I did these red ombre box braids myself?)

So to date, I’ve done black to red, black to emerald green, and black to purple to grey. What colour protective style should I try next?

Do you think you’ll be giving red ombre box braids a try? If so, would you go for something bright and bold, or something dark–leaning more towards burgundy! Let us know in the comments!

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