Juvia's Place Liquid Lipstick on Dark Skin

Juvia’s Place Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Reviews on Dark Skin

by Kaya Marriott

Juvia’s Place is known for their highly-pigmented, African-inspired eyeshadows, but did you know that they have liquid lipsticks too? Almost all of which are part of their Empress Collection.

As always, it’s a bit tricky to find swatches of makeup on different shades of brown skin, so I wanted to share another collection of videos to help make lipstick shopping a little easier, for the darker skinned ladies.

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Because Juvia’s Place is black-owned, and made with melanin ladies in mind, you’d think it’d be easy to find swatches on all skin tones, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Their website has an example of each lipstick on two skin tones; they have one white woman, and one dark-skinned black woman, but nothing in between. I will say kudos though, because this shows that their lipsticks can span quite the range of skin tones!

Usually with these Youtube roundups, there’s a lot of variety in the spectrum of brown skin tones to share, but this time, I struggled. (This could be because there is a bit of a controversy around Juvia’s Place).

I am not invested in the company, and my goal is to help buyers out, so if you have links to other full swatch videos let me know!

Juvia’s Place draw is really the accessible price points. With their constant sales, and so many discount codes available, buying their liquid lipsticks doesn’t break the bank!

The Empress Duos come in at $18.00 ($9.00 per lipstick), and their solo Lipsticks (Lulu, Afrik, and their Festival Liquid Lipsticks) come in at $12.00 each. Add a discount code on top of that, or an Influencer discount code, and you’re golden!

Juvia’s Place Liquid Lipstick Swatches

So without further ado, here are some examples of what these lipsticks look like on darker skin tones! Hopefully you can these brown-skinned YouTubers can help give you an idea of how these might look on you!


So what did you think? Are you going to try a Juvia’s Place Liquid Lipstick? If you’ve tried them already, which is your favourite?

It’s hard out here for black women, so let me know which lipstick brand you’d like to see a brown skin swatch post on next! Leave the brand name below in the comments!

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