Stila Cosmetics Kiss me Set, Beso Shimmer, Beso, Dolce Review and Swatches

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks | Review and Swatches on Dark Skin

by Kaya Marriott

I received the Stila Kiss Me set as a Christmas gift, and it came with three Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks: Beso, Beso Shimmer, and Dolce. Below is my review, and some swatches. *I also have gathered some more swatch examples on dark skin–read to the bottom to see them!*

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Before I get into the swatches, I wanted to talk about the Stay All Day Formula. BOY, does it stay all day. I took the below photos pretty early on a Sunday morning. Then, by the end of the day (and the end of my wash day), it was still there. It took some serious scrubbing to take it off. But despite, the lipstick feeling pretty permanent, it wasn’t drying at all. It also felt incredibly light on my lips!

… on that note, if you know of any makeup removers or DIYs that can remove hardcore liquid lipstick, let me know in the comments!

Now, this is how the Stila liquid lipsticks (from the Kiss Me Set) looked on my lips:

Stila Cosmetics Dolce Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick on Black woman with Twist Out
Dolce (I originally thought this would be too light, but I’m kind of digging it)
Stila Cosmetics Beso Shimmer Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick on Black woman with Twist Out
Beso Shimmer
Stila Cosmetics Beso Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick on brown skin | Twist Out on Natural Hair
Stila Cosmetics Dolce on top of Beso Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick on Black Woman with Twist Out
Then I decided to mix it up a bit. I dabbed Dolce on top of Beso here.

Also, if you’re wondering how I styled my hair in the above pictures, I used Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey line to do a twist out.

And since we all know how hard it is to find lipstick swatches/examples on dark skin, here are some gorgeous brown-skinned YouTubers:

(Some are the ones I tried, some are other colours!)

That’s all for now, what do you guys think? Have you tried Stila Cosmetics’ Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks? Let me know below!

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