Tilda Kimono Sunflower Three-Piece Set

by Kaya Marriott

So I’ve shared Bréa wearing a Tilda Kimono matching set, and I’ve posted about Tilda Kimono 2-Pieces on my brothers and their friends. Now it’s time I shared some photos of myself wearing one of my three sets. At Tilda’s first craft show, I fell in love with her sunflower-patterned set.

Unfortunately, this is actually the only took photo I have of myself wearing the whole outfit together:

Wearing the three-piece set I bought from Tilda Kimono - Robe, Top, High-waisted

But fortunately, my long distance BFF took a ton of photos of me wearing the set separately! (Have patience, or keep scrolling to see! :D )

So this particular Tilda Kimono set came with three pieces. There’s a short sleeved Kimono robe (which makes for an amazing beach cover up), a pair of shorts, and swath of fabric that can be tied many ways as a top. I’m not very creative, so I tie mine as a bandeau, but here are some models rocking the same style much better than I ever could:

(Also, if you were wondering who took the above amazing photos, it’s the same person who did our engagement photosSara Joni.)

And finally, here I am hanging out at the beach in my Kimono Robe. As always, they make the very best swimsuit coverups!

Tilda Kimono Beach Robe Cover up (Handmade on Etsy)

 So are you ready to get your own Tilda Kimono Set? I know I’m ready to go on another vacation!

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