Purple Grey Ombre Boxbraids with Silver Box Braids | Black Models | Black Creatives

Grey on Grey with Purple | Artistic Ombre Box Braids Shoot

by Kaya Marriott

When I posted about having grey and purple ombre box braids, I gave a little sneak peek of an artistic box braids shoot with Xandria. Now I’m here to show you some more.

Box braids are fun, and coloured box braids are extra fun. We originally wanted to do a shoot inspired by X-Men’s Storm, but my braids ended up a lot more purple than grey, so we went for something artsy, alien and a little eerie.Purple Grey Silver Ombre Box Braid Twins | Black Models | Alien Shoot | Black lips

Silver/ Grey and Purple Grey Lavender Ombre Box Braids | Mixed Girls | Protective Style

We hope to do more of this in the future–sync up our box braid colours, and do creative shoots. I know these are our own photos, so I’m a little bias, but I think there’s something incredibly magical about black girls getting together, getting a creative, getting creative, and getting artsy AF.

Braided Box Braids | Styles for Natural Hair | Purple and Grey

Styles for Ombre Box Braids | Top Bun | Purple and Grey Protective Styles

Top Bun and Side Buns | Hairstyles for Box Braids | Purple and Grey Ombre | Black Lipstick on dark skin

So what do you think the artistic ombre box braids shoot? Which pictures are your favourites? What colours should we do next? So many questions, I know, but let us know in the comments!

You can also see some of the pictures of Xandria with purple box braids and myself with green  HERE. Then, there are some of Xandria’s past guest posts  HERE and  HERE.

As always, you can find Comfy Girl with Curls on social media!

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