Natural Hair Style For Curly Type 4a/4b Hair | Wash and go

The Wash and Go | Type 4 Natural Hair Style

by Kaya Marriott

Once upon a time, I tried a wash and go on my 4a/4b natural hair, and then swore I’d never try it again. My curls ended up so tangled and matted, and I was left with a lot of breakage.

Then, if you caught the below picture on Instagram, you ‘d know I went back on my word. As they say: never say never.

My First Wash and Go Experience

A few years ago, I spiralled deep down the YouTube rabbit hole. This inspired me try a wash and go. All the YouTubers looked so BOMB with their defined curls and gorgeous shrinkage.

But when I tried it, nearly everything about the process was unpleasant. It took me AGES to coat my hair in product, and it took way longer to dry. After all that, I only really got one “good” day out of the style. I say good, but really, the look was decent looking at best.

The true nightmare began the next day when I saw the mangled state of my second-day hair, realized I needed to start from scratch by washing it, and tried to detangle it. To this day, I still mourn the amount of hair I lost in that detangling session. The damage was pretty comparable to the time I tried a Twisted Coil-out.

Needless to say, the failed wash and go traumatized me. I found comfort in other Natural Hair Bloggers who proclaimed that “Wash and Go’s just simply weren’t for everyone”. Time passed, and I stuck to Braid Outs and Twist Outs. Honestly, for two years I never really saw the full potential of my shrinkage in action.

My Second (more successful) Wash and Go

I don’t really know what changed my mind, but this year I found myself curious about wash and go’s again. I started doing research and watching YouTube videos again.

Then, on a whim early on a weekend morning, I decided to try again. It only took about an hour to cover my whole head, and I was incredibly pleased with the finished result!

So why did the hairstyle work this time?

Overall, I think the wash and go worked because I worked in smaller sections, and worked A LOT MORE product into my hair. Specifically, a lot more gel.

I also made sure each section of my hair was completely wet before working on it. Then, when I put the product in, I ran it through my pressed palms over and over again until the curls were fully saturated, and the definition started popping. (I’m pretty sure I used a wide tooth comb the first time around).

The Hair Products (In Order of Application)

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I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for awhile now, and the shrinkage I had with my Wash and Go has helped me curb that desire. I can’t wait to try the hair style again!

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