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A Baddie and her Skull Kimono

by Kaya Marriott

Please take a moment to step away from what you’re doing, and check out Xandria in her skull kimono (by TildaKimonoobviously). With orange skulls on a navy background, it’s like this kimono was meant for her.

This pattern was in high demand, and Xandria made sure to snag herself one before it was gone. The moral of this story is if you like something, grab it fast, or you may spend an eternity mourning your loss.

TildaKimono’s Etsy page is now LIVE. (The moment I know you have all been waiting for.) Most of her Kimonos are one of a kind, so get them before they’re gone! Check out some of the past TildaKimono features here, and here.

Also, check out Xandria’s brand new Instagram account, @Cocoqueiro_. It’s artsy af.

Check out some of Xandria’s past guest posts:

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An Opinion Piece on how she Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion

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