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Vancouver Beach Days | Natural Hair

by Kaya Marriott

One of the many reasons why Vancouverites deal with the insane housing market, is for the lifestyle the city allows us. There are few cities out there where you can lay on the beach and climb a mountain in the same day. Anytime that I can escape to the beach and lounge in the sun, I take the opportunity to. So here are some pictures that one of of my best friends, Sydney, took (sorry guys, you can’t find her on social media). So here is me, natural hair flowing free, ocean-side.

Seriously, nothing makes me happier than being in the sun. This melanin loves its vitamin D. Since a real vacation is nowhere near on the horizon, Kits Beach will have to do.

I will say, however, as fun as it is to have my natural hair free at the beach, it does limit me a bit. I don’t lie down, and I wouldn’t go into the water with it out. I’m not about to spend hours detangling post-beach trip, or clean bits of sand out of my curls.

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