Ebena.net Makes it easy to find a black hair salon near you!

How do you Find a Hair Salon or Stylist Near You? Ebena.net !

by Kaya Marriott

Trying to find a hair stylist who fits your needs is an extremely daunting task. On top of that, trying to find black hair salons near you is exceptionally difficult.

Some people turn to Google, some people turn to social media, but regardless of the method, you’ll likely be sifting through a lot of information that is unrelated to your location, or to your needs. We now live in an age ruled by technology, and by visuals. We like quick, clear, and easy access to information. This is where a lot of stylists are lacking, and why it is often difficult for clients and stylists to find each other. This is a problem that the people at Ebena.net are working to solve.

Ebena helps you find a hair stylist near you or anywhere at the best price. Hair stylists can easily connect with new clients, and offer their services. Clients can find nearby stylists and get their hair done at the best price.


Ebena encourages stylists to build their profiles, giving them the opportunity to provide pictures of their work, outline their services, and more. The web app aims to be more than just a directory, but a community–a destination for people looking to learn about hair and beauty, find inspiration, and more. Currently they are a US-based directory, but expansion is on their radar.

So how does Ebena.net Connect Hair stylists to Potential Clients?

If you are wondering “where do I find a black hair salons or stylists?”

If your’re looking for a hairstylist in your city, it really is as easy as typing your location into the search engine. Upon doing so, you’ll be provided with a list of stylists in your area. You can also filter by the hairstyle or service that you’re looking for. After that, clicking on the different profiles will offer you more information. From there, you’ll find details to help you decide if that particular stylist is right for you. You’ll see examples of the styles they have completed, ratings, their availability, methods of payment they take, and then, when you’re ready to reach out, their contact information is available.

There is also a page on the site titled “eben’art“, which a great resource to find hairstyle inspiration. Especially if you know you want a change, but just aren’t sure what that change is yet. The eben’art section offers images, and average prices and times for the given style.

If you are a hair stylist looking to build your client base:

If you are a stylist looking to attract clients, and grow your business, the first step is to make an account, and build up your profile. As mentioned earlier, visuals are key, so adding images of the work you have done for past clients will add value to your profile. Taking the time to provide as much information about  what you offer will show that you are invested in your craft, and are professional.

Once the above is complete, you shouldn’t just sit and wait for your clients to come. Promote your page; share it to social media! Encourage past clients to write reviews for you!

So regardless of if you are a potential client, or a stylist, make sure you get on Ebena.net. It’s a great resource, and a great opportunity to support black entrepreneurs! The more people that sign up, the more valuable the app will be for all users.

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*This is not a paid promotion. I have been lucky enough to write some articles for Ebena’s blog, and am genuinely excited about this black-owned business. I know it’s a game-changer for the black beauty community, and knew you all needed to know more about it :)

Now, you just need some hairstyle inspiration! What about Senegalese Twists? Ombre Boxbraids? Or maybe you want your hair straightened to check up on that length!

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