Blogiversary | Happy New Year | Goals for 2017

Happy New Year | Goals for 2017 | 1 Year Blog Anniversary

by Kaya Marriott

Happy (Belated) New Year Everybody! As you may have noticed, nearly every blogger out there has a “Goals for 2017″, or a “Reflecting on 2016″ post, (or some combination of the two).  As I tried to keep up with this blogging trend by writing a similar post, I found myself growing anxious. I honestly lost count of how many times I started something, then continued to deleted it. I was struggling with authenticity, originality, and simply with trying to choose goals that I wanted to be held accountable to.

Through all of this, I was also coming to terms with a big risk I had taken. Before Christmas, I had put in my two weeks notice at a job that paid the bills (and a little more).  This was supposed to be a big positive step for my work/life balance,  but it weighed heavier on me than I had anticipated. It actually ended up doing the opposite of what I had hoped. It distracted me from being able to create any new content.

Then, I decided I needed a kick in the but; some motivation. I became obsessed with purchasing a day-planner specifically for my blog. I went and picked one out, and my significant other ceremoniously bought it for me to show his support.

It wasn’t until I sat down and started filling up some key dates, that I realized something:

My last day (in what I hope will be my last retail job ever), and my One Year Blog Anniversary, would fall on the same day : January 4th, 2017. This reignited me. Call it silly, call it fate, but I felt like there was something symbolic about these dates aligning. I even had jokingly said a couple months prior that I should quit the same day as my blog anniversary, but at the time, I wasn’t really sure what the date of it was.

          See Comfy Girl With Curls First Ever Post – “The First of Many…” (And man, has it been many!)

Then, January 4th, 2017 came around; my last day of work. With my new day planner, the aligning of important dates, and no job lined up, I was feeling exhilarated. There was something exciting about the idea of being jobless and creative. I think I was planning on going for the whole starving artist thing. But that’s not what life had in store for me. That same day I was put in contact with a job opportunity, (9 to 5/ Monday to Friday), and the next day I went to an interview and was offered the job.

Moving from the shift work life of being a manager in Retail, into a stable job with consistent hours was honestly what I was looking for all along. So many creatives out there are looking to quit their 9-5, but that’s what I knew I would need to create a balance in my life.

So here is to 2017! 2016 was a rough year for so many, but for me, looking back, the past year was filled with so many awesome experiences. My blog was born, and it allowed me to meet a lot of new, inspiring people.

And so much more that likely would not have had happened were it not for this blog!

My 2017 blog goals are currently tucked away in my journal, and my personal ones, tacked on the fridge. As a sneak peak, the key word is GROWTH. That is what 2017 has in store for me. New Year, New Opportunities, New Experiences.

So finally, let me hear it from you…

What Are Your Goals for 2017?

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