Playing Delivery Girl Across the World

by Kaya Marriott

The most amazing and unexpected thing about this blogging process has been the people it has allowed me to meet. I mean a year ago, if you had told me that while on vacation in another country, I would be going out of my comfort zone, and meeting up with people I had met online, I probably would have laughed loudly and obnoxiously in your face.

Yet here we are.

While in London, I had an amazing encounter with lipstick-maker Anna Sylla, and I had an equally awesome (but brief) encounter with two lovely human beings I had met thanks to Tilda and her Kimonos.

When Tilda made her first sale across the pond, fate would have it that her buyer lived in London, where I would be going the following month for a family holiday. When we realized this, it just made sense to organize a hand-delivery of the finished product.

A month later, the time came to meet Maz and pass off the goods. We planned to meet at Oxford Circus, and life had worked out in a way that she had run into a friend of hers while waiting for me. So it turned out, this friend knew his way around a camera.

Maz was gracious enough to take part in a photoshoot to showcase the Kimono, and being an amateur myself, I passed my camera off to her friend, Joshua, to do the honours.

Check out the impromptu photoshoot!




 Photography courtesy of @joshuaigbo

**Don’t forget to follow @TildaKimono (Designer), Maz  @maz_o, and Joshua @joshuaigbo on Instagram (the latter two are both absolutely amazing photographers!)

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