You Know You Want a Tilda Kimono

by Kaya Marriott

My friend, Tilda, makes beautiful things. Find your new beach look below with her unique handmade Kimono robes off Etsy. They look gorgeous as a cover up over your bathing suit.

Awhile back,  I posted an abundance of bikini photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But I wasn’t trying to draw attention to the bikini, I wanted you to see the absolutely beautiful kimono robes I was wearing as a cover up over said bikini.


They have all been hand-made by a very talented friend of mine: Tilda Ruvinga. Before we get any further, make sure you go follow her brand’s Instagram page, TildaKimono. (Because where else will you get to see her latest work?) And then also hop over and bookmark her Etsy page.

Anyways, I get so incredibly excited when people in my life are doing great things, and this girl is doing some really freaking-awesomely great things. So much so, that I take any opportunity I can to let the world know what she’s up to… and this is one of those times.

Tilda gets a lot of her fabric from Our Social Fabric, which on its own is a super cool initiative. Here’s a quick blurb from their site:

Our Social Fabric is a non-profit Vancouver group that helps recycle excess fabric from manufacturers, the movie industry, and more. Through monthly sales, we put the fabric into the hands of creators in our community.

This means many Tilda Kimonos are unique, and one of a kind. So once they’re sold, they’re gone!

So now…

Tilda Kimono’s Unique Swimsuit Cover ups– Your Beach Look Inspiration:

Amazing photography by Daniela Arbaje (@danielaarbajek)

And while, yes, these Kimonos will look smokin’ hot over your favourite swimsuit, they can also be rocked day-to-day, or on a night out to elevate your outfit. You can even complete your beach outfit with a matching two-piece set to go with your Kimono Robe.

To see more more Kimono pictures, check out the behind the scenes shots from this shoot!

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