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Raw and Beautiful – Cecile Emeke’s Strolling Series

by Kaya Marriott

If you haven’t seen Cecile Emeke’s Strolling Series, you’re missing out on something different, and beautiful.

I was originally introduced to Cecile Emeke’s work about a year ago through a good friend (who you may remember here). She messaged me one night with a link to Episode 1 of the web series Ackee & Saltfish.

I quickly sped through all the episodes, loving everything about the project. I loved the chemistry of Michelle Tiwo and Vanessa Babirye as Olivia and Rachel respectively, I loved the aesthetics, and I loved the relatable, easy-going sense of humour embedded in the project.


Once finished, I wanted to see what else Cecile Emeke had created. That was when I stumbled across Strolling, Episode 1.

Immediately, I realized I was experiencing something different from Ackee & Saltfish. As I watched, I thought to myself, this is something raw, something real, and something deeply personal.

‘Strolling’ is a short documentary film series created by Cecile Emeke where we take a stroll with people in various cities and countries around the world, having refreshingly raw and honest conversations about various issues at the forefront of their society. We touch on everything from feminism, sexuality, gender, race and politics to philosophy, art, history, capitalism, war and poverty… and everything else you can think of.

#Strolling: Connecting the scattered and untold stories of the Black/African diaspora.


The Strolling series does exactly what it declares. In each episode, you take a walk with a different individual and are given the intimate privilege of hearing their perspectives.

Although, these strolls are taken with people across a number of different cities, in different parts of the world, there are striking similarities in their insights. At the same time, and perhaps what makes the series even more beautiful to me, are in fact the differences found in each episode, even among those who have experiences within the same countries.

It highlights the fact that although we, as part of the black/african diaspora, are connected, we are still individuals. We may find consistencies and themes in our struggles, but that does not take away our uniqueness.

Strolling Series doesn’t preach, yet it educates. The people you meet are experts in their own experiences, and they are vulnerable in their honesty and their willingness to share them.

So here it is at its beginning. Strolling, episode 1:


If you can pull yourself away for long enough, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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