How To Tie Head wraps for Natural Hair | Tutorials and Inspiration on Wrapping Head Scarves Step by Step

How to Style a Head Wrap – Tutorial Videos and Inspiration

by Kaya Marriott

How do you style a head wrap? That is the first question I usually get asked when I wear a head wrap on Instagram.

I know my answer of “It’s mostly trial and error”, is pretty unsatisfying, so I thought I would share some videos I’ve used for head wrap tying inspiration!

Because it’s easy to say you want to wear one, but it’s another thing to know how to tie head wraps.

Click here to see 4 easy ways that I wear my Melanin Haircare scarf.

So without further ado, let’s get into it:

6 tutorial videos that show you how to style a head wrap:

Of course, the original video that inspired me to start wrapping my natural hair up. The queen of head wraps herself:

4 Quick & Easy Headwrap/Turban Styles by Kilahmazing:

It’s Turban Time! Headwrap Tutorial with The London Curls:

Some of these headscarf styles are a bit more complicated, but I’m working my way up to them! (15 ways to wear a headscarf from Love your Tresses):

Some bolder looks–The Head Wrap Tutorial from CharyJay:

Here, in INYACO‘s How to Tie a Head Wrap – 5 Ways, she showcases some similar styles from above, but I love that she demonstrates them slowly and clearly, step by step:

Last but not least, this video from, showing Head Wraps really are a style you’ll want to get into.

Are you inspired yet? Honestly, I could sit back and watch head wrap styling videos for days on end. I love how it looks on Black women, and I love getting the inspiration and motivation to try out new looks.

What videos have you used as inspiration or guidance? Share in the comments!

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