My Family Rocking Some African Clothing

by Kaya Marriott

Hey everyone, quick post showing off my Fam-Jam.

My Grandma just came back from a trip to Ghana and London, and she brought back some clothing sewn by my Great-Aunt, made from African cloths.

I’m not going to lie, but my family is a party and a half. So naturally, when my Grandma opened up her suitcase, a fashion show/photo-shoot/dance party ensued.

**I would also like to add that I am infinitely bummed that the evidence of the dance party will not cooperate and upload nice and centered in the page. So I scrapped it. But just imagine us in all our garb, African music in the background, and us, doing our thing to the beat.

Then also imagine my brother doing that weird running-man dance thing.

I actually have quite a few more outfits hanging in my closet and my goal is to rock more of them this summer, and of course, share all the pictures with you all. So please stay tuned!

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