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What does ColourPop Look Like on Dark Skin?

by Kaya Marriott

After spending hours on the internet admiring other bloggers out there, I realized I couldn’t really call myself a blogger if I hadn’t tried and reviewed anything from ColourPop.

Okay… So maybe that’s just the excuse I’m using to not feel guilty ordering a whole bunch of lipsticks.

But am I really wrong? Pretty much all of my favorite bloggers have swatched some ColourPop lipsticks on their arm, regardless of if their thing is makeup, hair, or inspirational quotes.

Now before I make my order, what I’ve been trying to figure out is how ColourPop’s Liquid Lipsticks look on darker skin, and more specifically, how it looks on my skin tone. When talking makeup, so often “Dark Skin” is lumped together, forgetting that there is a beautiful and diverse range under the heading. Being mixed, I fall on the lighter end, but it is still ridiculously difficult to find examples of lipsticks on ladies who look like me!

So I’ve curated six videos, from six different beautifully dark skinned ladies. If like me, you are finding yourself swept up in the ColourPop Craze, but are not sure what you want to purchase, I hope one of these videos can help you out.

Before we get started, I wanted to first say kudos to ColourPop. While I can’t speak first hand about their products just yet. From what I’ve seen, they often do swatches on three different skin tones, and they also feature a variety of tones on their Instagram pages. While it can be argued that they still lean towards featuring women with lighter skin, you can’t deny that they are trying, and trying is more than some of the big name cosmetic brands are doing.

So below are some of my favorite videos I discovered while sifting through the internet. Take a peek and hopefully they are helpful!

Now for me to decide which colours to get. Any suggestions?

(In the above video she is testing combos from the Ultra Satin Lips collection, versus the matte).

Is anyone else filling up their cart this very moment?

Name your Faves in the comments!

** Update**

I did make an order, and you can read about my haul here!

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dopequeensofblackhistory May 9, 2017 - 12:27 pm

I’m obsessed with Colourpop! I have three tubes in my purse right now, plus one at my work desk. Today I’m wearing “Lost”.


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